Dove House School, a secondary school for children with moderate learning difficulties, has seen continuous growth in pupil numbers and has consequently suffered from a significant shortage of suitable space. This has resulted in the use of four blocks of single storey ‘Portakabin style’ temporary buildings, containing nine classrooms. These have offered poor access, non-compliant with the standards advised in BB102, coupled with inadequate support spaces to serve a school of this size.

After undertaking feasibility exercises and consultation with the local Authority, Macallan Penfold proposed a new two-storey building, with a floor space of 960 square metres, that will allow the temporary buildings to be removed from site and be replaced with an enhanced provision of new permanent teaching spaces and facilities for changing and P.E. This, in turn, will alleviate pressure on the existing congested ‘Atrium’ space, and allow existing office areas to become confidential rooms and support space.

This project is being realised through an unprecedented £2 million grant from the Education & Skills Funding Agency, secured by Macallan Penfold through a C.I.F. application.

Construction started on site in March with a completion target of February 2019.