Woodlarks is a charitable trust providing camping facilities for people of all ages with disabilities and special needs. It was established in 1930 and about 1,000 people, disabled and helpers camp at Woodlarks each year. The site, run entirely by volunteers, comprises of 12 acres of camping field and varied woodland; a big thrill is sleeping in a tent, and being involved in the outdoor experience.

Over the years, the support buildings had been improved and enlarged, but had become outdated. In order to make major improvements to the facilities, replacement was necessary to provide a greatly improved environment giving increased independence for disabled campers.

The dormitory building, completed in Summer 2009, forms the first phase of a site masterplan developed over a period of time in close collaboration with the trust, campers, and helpers, to respond to the site characteristics, the location of the existing buildings to be replaced, and phased re-development over a number of winter periods.

The building was subsequently recognised for the Community award in the 2011 Waverley Design Awards.

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