The Performing Arts Centre is a stand-alone building with an internal floor area of 1400 square metres, providing specialist space for Performing Arts that includes a large galleried drama space/theatre, rehearsal spaces and a full complement of music performance, practice, recording and teaching spaces.

Careful design and orientation prevents noise from music and drama activities breaking out from the building and avoids infiltration of noise from the surrounding external areas. The fabric of the building provides a well acoustically insulated structure, acoustic non openable windows and sophisticated acoustically controlled ventilation. The internal layout of the building responds to the need to acoustically separate spaces within the building, with circulation areas providing separation between primary spaces and the music facilities separated into two halves to allow quieter ‘acoustic’ music not to be disrupted by louder instruments such as drums. The building design positively addresses contrasting requirements for performance spaces that need no natural light, such as the main drama studio and music performance space, with the requirement to provide generous well-lit circulation areas.

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