This modest, but valuable, campus building provides respite accommodation for post – 16 students with a broad range of learning needs, including moderate and severe learning difficulties (MLD/SLD), as well as some additional needs that include speech, communication and moderate medical conditions.

Located within the central part of the extensive college campus, in an area previously occupied by outdated temporary classrooms, this 300 square metre building is set within an enclosed space and fronting onto a small landscaped courtyard garden. With easily accessible car parking and drop-off to the west, and close proximity to the nearby Spectrum building that houses, amongst others, the department that deals with students with learning difficulties and disabilities, it is ideally situated to fulfil the needs of the students for which it is designed.

Designed to accommodate a maximum of 15 local students, this facility provides a ‘safe haven’ whilst, at the same time, enabling students to venture further within the campus for their learning, and utilising the existing specialist and general staff facilities at the college.

This self-contained building is designed to a very specific brief for the accommodation, learning and teaching of the students, with a central social space that contains private study desks— students need to have the significant comfort of their ‘own’ space and desk –  accommodated in the wider context of a space for communal gathering and eating. Specific linked spaces provide for individual function and care, including ‘chill out’ and therapy spaces.

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