Macallan Penfold were approached by Farnborough College of Technology in 2012 to look at the feasibility of selling their site at the former East End School site in Aldershot which had been derelict for some years following a fire and demolition of old school buildings.

Three bedroom town houses over three-storeys were considered to offer the best type of commercially marketable solution for this site, adopting the typology of the surrounding streets. Our design solution reinterpreted the Victorian terrace for modern living, using sympathetic materials and built forms appropriate to the historic context. Each of the fourteen houses include driveways to minimise on-street parking and integral garages set discreetly back from front doors to reduce impact onto the street frontage. Living spaces are lifted above street level onto the upper ground floor to offer views over Redan Hill gardens and along Mount Pleasant Road. Those views are `framed’ by bay windows that project out over the entrance door to form a covered porch. The houses have been set back, away from the back of pavement line, to provide front gardens within a wider street , offering greater privacy to houses on the opposite side of Mount Pleasant Road. The scheme gained planning approval in 2014 and was subsequently sold to NATTA Homes and construction completed in 2015.

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